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Helwa Bellydance Company based in the North East of England. Available for parties, weddings, restaurants, festivals and charity and corporate events. Our troupe offers glamorous, fun and upbeat entertainment with a diverse range of choreographies taught by Kay Taylor ( of Farida Dance ( Our main style being Egyptian belly dance, which includes oriental and folkloric styles. We are available for hire - contact For bellydance classes:

Helwa are currently touring their show:  'Belly Dance:  A True Story' which premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018.  Helwa had great reviews and sold out for the 5 nights they were in the programme.

Helwa are also working on a new show for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021 whilst showcasing numbers from both shows at various festivals around the UK.

Our cast changes each year - to see our current members go to 'Meet the Dancers'.

Our Shows:

'Belly Dance: A True Story'

A captivating show suitable for all; encompassing a variety of dance styles, colourful costumes and entertaining narrative. From Luxor to Alexandria. From the glamorous cabaret to the streets of Cairo. The exciting programme describes the journey of a national inspirational figure in Bellydance, embodied with the wonders of Egyptian culture and expressed through the creative choreography. Kay Taylor describes her journey through anecdotes which are illustrated through dance.  With influences from the pharonic era through to the modern day, ‘Bellydance: A True Story has been designed to entertain on many levels.’

'A Bellydance Odyssey'

In the first half we encounter Helwa Bellydance Company performing ‘Bellydance, A True Story’, the journey of Kay Taylor, and inspirational national figure in Bellydance, from the streets of Cairo to glamorous cabaret. With influences from the Pharaonic era through to the present day, the rich history, colourful costumes and sheer variety of Egyptian dance styles is sure to dazzle.

 In the second half we discover Johara Dance Company performing ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ a modern interpretation of Bellydance in its pure form and in fusion with other dances. Travel with us through the frustrating maze of the human mind, the sensuous delight of the human body and the pure expression of the human spirit. Celebrated choreographer Josephine Wise has created a world of excitement, humour and passion.

Photos:  Top Left - after our show at the Edinburgh Fringe.  Bottom Left:  Rehearsal fun!

Below:  Helwa at GFAD

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