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Summer School:  A Bellydance Odyssey

Friday 21st August 2020

Wellington College, Crowthorne, RG45 7PU

Join us for a fabulous time at the JWAAD Summer School

This is the combined Helwa and Johara show.

Helwa bring you 'Bellydance: A True Story', Johara bring you 'Mind, body & Spirit'.

Some members of the dance company will be teaching workshops at Summer School.

Your show last night in Cambridge was amazing, Presley my son loved the 80s number, he thought the show was brilliant!!!!:  Cheryl Peters

Kay Taylor and Helwa girls, thanks for a fabulous show last night, loved your spirit and energy, with such love for the dance shining through...irresistible! :  Yasmina of Cairo

What a completely glorious show from Johara and Helwa this evening in Cambridge! You melted my heart, had me in tears, (the right sort,) made laugh out loud, and cleared my head.  Thank you so much for all your hard work, your ability to work magic on stage, and your sheer genius! LOVE YOU ALL!!!:  Claudia Clare

Go to 'About' for details of the Helwa show.

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